Open Index Protocol
Open Index Protocol
an open source specification for a persistent worldwide index and file library for data publishing, file distribution and facilitating direct payments.


We’re building a bunch of technology on OIP… an open source technology, sort of an alternative to patents - that lets you create technology and as people use it, it generates revenue for the person who creates it.
— Patrick Byrne, Overstock Shareholder Call Summer 2018

Open Index Protocol (OIP) is an open source specification for a persistent worldwide index and file library useful for data publishing, file distribution and facilitating direct payments. OIP uses blockchain technology and distributed networking to operate with no central authority: record indexing, file storage/distribution and transaction management are carried out collectively by the decentralized network.

OIP is the first permissionless system with a decentralized and transparent index for digital content and protected file persistence. The system uses a Salutary Protocol model, which funnel financial incentive to both application and protocol layers, ensuring sustainability and antifragility of the system through open market incentive alignment of all participants.

Application Layer Service Providers

Application Layer Service Providers

Protocol Layer Service Providers

Protocol Layer Service Providers

OIP Platforms


Live Sites/Dapps

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ETDB (Caltech’s Electron Tomography DataBase)

A blockchain-based distributed file sharing system for publicly sharing electron tomography datasets

Read the Peer-review journal article about the process:

OIP made it easy for Caltech's Jensen Lab to collaboratively share more than 10,000 tomograms with the public!

Pre-existing Sites/App Integrations

(planned or underway)

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A conglomerate of transparency-focused news publishing and distribution tools based in Seoul, South Korea with a combined monthly-active userbase of more than 1.5M

TokenPost is a professional blockchain media outlet providing news and analysis on trends, companies and key figures in the blockchain industry.

PublishProtocol is a blockchain powered open source protocol that empowers every press to publish extraordinary news. Publish, Inc and Alexandria have an MOU in place to develop this protocol as an extended OIP specification.

PublishSoft is a Blockchain-based content management system
and end-to-end publishing system for the next generation of newspaper newsrooms.

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Al Bawaba News

Middle East Information, New Media and Technology with a combined monthly-active userbase of more than 4M

Al Bawaba (البوابة, Arabic for "the portal" or "the gate") is a news, blogging and media website headquartered in Amman, Jordan with an office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since 2001 it publishes the Mena Report, which covers the business and economics in Arab world. Al Bawaba bills itself as "the largest independent producer and distributor of content in the Middle East... [with] a full-time staff of journalists and editors covering the Middle East and North Africa region's events and news".

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Clerks Office Land Records, Teton County Wyoming

All Teton County land records going back to 1996 will be recorded on this new platform, including mortgages, release of liens, and other similar documents.

Teton County (pop. 23,265 ), which includes the town of Jackson and part of Yellowstone National Park, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Medici Land Governance (MLG). The startup,  majority-owned by’s blockchain investment arm Medici Ventures, will build the new registry on the Open Index Protocol (OIP).

The new system will keep track of land transactions, such as mortgages, releases of liens and similar records, starting from 1996, Overstock said in a press release Thursday, adding that it will preserve existing privacy protections and public access.

Chris Chrysostom presents the Build Blockchain Property Register workshop at the World Bank's Land and Poverty 2019 conference.
Overstock subsidiary Medici Land Governance is building a property rights registry on OIP, Chris Chrysostom at DWeb18
Overstock's Medici Land Governance's Chris Chrysostom Q&A at DWeb 2018

New Sites/Dapps

(Planned or In Development)

DDEM (Caltech’s Distributed Database of Electron Micrographs)

Expanding on the work started with ETDB, our team is first building DDX, or the “Distributed Database of X”, a framework for building new database applications on OIP using templates. Then we will use this framework to quickly build DDEM, the Distributed Database of Electron Micrographs with over half a million datasets.



Building a distributed, global video content company to tell stories about innovation,disruptive new technologies, decentralization and their impact on companies and society. More details to come...


Tokenly, Inc

Ownership, reinvented.

We believe blockchain technology is revolutionary; but we also realize working with blockchain technology is still too complex for widespread adoption.

To that end, Tokenly is developing an interoperable suite of applications that handle the complexities of blockchain technology in the background.



Power to you.

Your data is yours to own, use and monetise however you choose. We empower you to gain full control of your digital self, so you’re free to explore how your data can enrich your life.


Havok.TV & K2 Productions

Havoc TV is a multi-platform network dedicated to action sports and independent music. Rooted in the heritage of surf, skate, and snow, Havoc TV celebrates independent culture and provides an authentic voice in the lifestyle through a constant flow of new music videos, the latest action sports content, and compelling original content with the largest and best personalities in the industry.

Havoc TV is carried by nearly every cable TV provider in the U.S., encompassing more then 100 affiliates.  Havoc TV also operates a 24/7 interactive, social TV channel available on AT&T U-verse, Frontier Cable, Google Fiber and other domestic and international affiliates including a satellite feed over Europe.  The Havoc TV app is also available on iOS, Android, and popular OTT platforms.